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Recommended Reading
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Forgive Us Our Sins

Homosexuality in the Light of God's Truth
 By: Richard D. Starr and Scott I. Barefoot
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In this book, the authors tackle the tough issue of homosexuality in a firm but loving way through the clear context of Scripture and also retell Scott's exodus from the gay lifestyle back to Christ. They avoid judgment and stereotypes by delicately balancing biblical law and gospel to provide encouragement to all believers who struggle with any temptation, not just homosexuality. The book also provides hope and support for those who, just as Scott did, seek to turn away from a life of homosexuality. Published 2014. 

Law and Gospel: How to Read and Apply the Bible
 By: Walther, C.F.W.
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This edition of the classic work of The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel make this powerful tool available in a format for all readers of the Bible. Offering a fresh look of the older translation, it will provide comprehensive notes and annotations to aid reader's understanding, bringing to life the power and excitement of the original German lectures. This new unabridged edition restores Walther's witty, staccato fire, including text omitted in prior English versions. Read Walther's lectures like no one has since he originally spoke them:

The Holy BIble
 By: God

Of Course this it the first book I would encorage anyone to read. God's Word transends time. Through God's Word we see our need for a Savior from sin, and that need being fulfilled by Jesus Christ, true God and true man. The bible may seem large and intimitating at first, but just start with a little bit everyday. I would recomend starting with John's Gospel. 

The Narrow Lutheran Middle
Following The Scriptural Road
 By: Daniel M. Deutschlander
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While reading the Bible, many people make the mistake of favoring one teaching over another. In this book in the Impact Series, the author examines a number of seemingly contradictory teachings in the Bible and shows us how to apply them to our lives by letting each teaching stand alone, without trying to resolve them.
Some topics covered in this book include the right and wrong uses of reason in religion; predestination, God's providence, and human responsibility; doubt and presumption; carnal security and despair; God's will and human will; royal priesthood of believers and public ministry; the Great Commission and the doctrine of election; and finding the middle in worship wars.
Professor Deutschlander plumbs the depths of Scripture as he examines these timely topics, all the while showing the reader the "narrow Lutheran middle" of Scripture.